Miss Loveland

For the last 17 years I have had the privilege of living in a place where I can be myself, find good values, and feel safe. This place is Loveland-The Valentine City.

Loveland is a place one can be proud of! The sweetheart city offers a safe haven for families to dwell, and it is a place to enjoy life.

When we have friends come to town, my family and I make it a point to show them the many sculptures around town especially the sculpture park with its meandering sidewalks and colorful gardens. Stroll through Loveland and one will find sculptures everywhere.

· At our softball and baseball complex a sculpture of “Casey at the Bat” welcomes everyone to the fields.

· Near the doors of the library a sculpted Merlin sits and nearby a delicately sculpted little boy is enthralled in a book.

· Across from the Library between the City Govt. Buildings there is a manmade Lagoon. There in the Lagoon is a whale’s tale rising out of the water. When I was younger I was sure there was a real whale resting under the water-all two feet of it.

· Our City Newspaper has a paper carrier out front sculpted in Bronze.

· My favorite is found in Benson Park among dozens of other sculptures. It is a circle of children holding hands smiling and laughing. There is an opening in the circle for you to fill.

The annual sculpture show is an awesome event where people from other communities join with us in the celebration of art.

The community also comes together to celebrate freedom and liberty during the 4th of July festivities. The fireworks display receives oohs and aahhs from all ages. We enjoy free concerts at the amphitheater during the entire day on the 4th of July and through the summer.

The annual Corn Roast festival with a parade and Corn-Husking Contest started in 1894 and was reinstated in 1982 and continues today. This is yet another example of people coming together and enjoying each other and their community.

Music and theater are also supported and loved here.

Since Loveland’s beginning residents have come together. An early citizen of Loveland, Phillip “Dudley” Mattoon said, “The custom of the town was…Saturday night, everybody went to town, stores stayed open ‘till 9pm and you would see families going up and down the streets…”

A very special tradition in Loveland is the re-mailing program. This program is in existence because of the dedication and service of Ted and Mabel Thompson. The request to have the Loveland postmark on valentines was considered and deemed a wonderful idea that would promote Loveland. The process then was about the same as it is today. The Loveland re-mailing Program is a community-wide effort where each valentine is hand-stamped with a special Valentine Cache unique to that year. Loveland has re-mailed Valentines for over 100 foreign countries. After 1991 the Thompsons relinquished their responsibility in the Program which they had given so much of their time and efforts to the Loveland Chamber of Commerce. Now the Chamber oversees the Loveland re-mailing Program for all to enjoy. This year’s cache was written by one of the dedicated volunteers who hand-stamps the valentines coming through the Loveland Post Office. The cache reads…

There’s a friendly town of Loveland

Beside a lake of blue

With mountains in the distance

Sending Love to You.

The “Miss Loveland Valentine” program, which I’ve had the privilege of being apart of, is also sponsored by Loveland’s Chamber of Commerce who are our hosts this evening. They also just celebrated their 100th year anniversary.

Today we have numerous parks, Northlake Park is my favorite because of the childhood memories and family outings there. We always fed the geese our sandwich scraps and chased them for a good laugh. Each Park is well kept and well received by the nearby neighborhoods. Just to the west are the Rocky Mountains that grace the landscape and frame the beautiful sunsets.

We are lucky to enjoy all seasons. Whichever it may be, I definitely have a favorite place. Along the south side of Lake Loveland you can see a walkway bordering the lake with lampposts lining it. In the background are trees and the mountains. The trees reflect in the water and the mountains seem to have a bluish tint. This is the route I always take when I drive west.

This view as well as many others in Loveland is a welcomed sight to visitor and citizen alike.

Since Loveland’s beginnings as a railroad town with its economy based on sugar beets, to a population of 5,000 in 1941, Loveland has passed the 50,000 mark.

The painting titled “Fruits of Labor” found in our Loveland museum, depicts Loveland’s past. Painted in 1928, the artist portrays high mountains in the background, rolling hills, a blue sky and a sugar beet harvest. Today we are harvesting the goals and good values they sowed over a century ago. The faces that create our past in Loveland, created a society we sustain today.

Even though major growth has happened, Loveland has maintained a special feel and personal touch. The credit for this must be given where it is due: The PEOPLE.

Service, commitment, and trust are just a few things people do in Loveland to keep it just that Loveland!

1st Service: By showing service, love and kindness toward others, friendships are made and gratitude is shown. There are so many organizations throughout Loveland that dedicate their time and efforts to make the quality of life better for others.

  • There is a high % of parents that volunteer at schools
  • So many of my teachers coach or sponsor extracurricular activities I’ve been apart of: They really care.
  • Volunteer firemen
  • Those who visit the elderly
  • Those who assist in political campaigns
  • Business and community sponsored clubs
  • There are also other so give of their means to help organizations and the list goes on.

2nd: People are committed in Loveland. Parents, teachers, youth and other have a commitment to the kind of life we strive for here. Those who are committed, work hard. A wise man once said, “Labor is the price of cleanliness, and progress, and prosperity.” By working hard, we have built and continue to build a community on a sure foundation.

3rd: Trust between neighbors and friends allows for a safe environment. Trust shows the respect one person has for another.

Loveland was founded in 1877 and just celebrated its 125th anniversary. Over the years Loveland has changed but it is still Loveland. I’m excited that I have had the chance to represent Loveland-It is an easy place to love.

Thank you,

Jessica Price
Miss Loveland Valentine 2003

(This is run with permission of The Loveland Chamber of Commerce)