About Jeannine:




Born in Denver Colorado in 1959, Jeannine has 3 children: Chase-born in 1985, Alyse, 1988, and Tori, 1994. All were born in Durango, Colorado and are 5th generation Coloradoans.  She lived for a short period of time in Anchorage, Alaska but other than that has always called Colorado her home.

She is an extreme pet and baby lover and has been known to coo and "awe" out loud at both!

Prior to real estate sales, Jeannine worked with several companies honing her I.T. skills. This has helped immensely to keep 1st American on the cutting edge of technology. So although, sales and helping people has grown to be her passion, she still loves to get into the nuts and bolts of things and solve technical problems or implement a new computer product.

When it's time to get away her favorite thing to do is to scuba dive and travel to warmer climates.

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